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Muzaradi, founded in 2017 by Ketevan Kherkheulidze soon became a staple fashion accessory for many across the world. 


Muzaradi in Georgian means “warrior’s helmet” worn in battles by warriors in ancient Greek and Roman civilisations. 


Muzaradi’s original classic hoodie remains brand’s most popular and demanded product. They are comfortable, multifunctional and unisex. They are instantly recognisable with a trademark logo depicting founder’s family crest. 

Ketevan was born in the middle of 80s, in Tbilisi, still under the Soviet regime, but with some glimmer of better, free future already on the horizon. Born in a family of academics, intellectuals, literature and poetry lovers and patriots of their country, Ketevan grew up surrounded by books, art and night-long discussions of books, films and music. Her upbringing and close contact with many prominent personalities of those times, shaped Ketevan’s personal priorities, taste, her style, her eye for something different, outstanding, colourful and eclectic.     


She went on to pursue a career in journalism as she was a keen writer and felt the urge to express herself, but after stints on national Georgian television, she realised her heart was in creating something for the world of fashion. Several years later, Muzaradi was born, quite by chance, but with big ambitions. Influenced by Ketevan’s childhood and youth years, where art, film, music and literature were organically and naturally merged to help her develop her unique style of clothing and inspired by Ketevan’s travels, Muzaradi, a brand that carries Ketevan’s family name’s “Kherkheulidze” crest, combines everything Ketevan stands for: history, tradition, freedom, love, hope, respect, energy, colour, future. The values that have shaped Ketevan.



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